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Kerry K. Gearin, Children 1st Family Lawyer

Custody, Access, Domestic Violence, Child Abduction & Safety

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Legal Services tailored to your Family's needs from Self-help Consultations 

to Legal Drafting 

           to Full Representation


Legal Consultations - All Legal Services require HST [presently 13%] on Legal Fees. Disbursements additional.

Flat Fee 1st Consultation up to 2 hours - By phone or Head Office $750

Flat Fee Minimum up to 1 hour - by phone $400 + HST at Head Office $450 + HST

Balance of time left over for any Consultations may be applied to future legal services.  We aim to start legal drafting within the first hour of your Consultation so you get more value. Occasionally clients prefer to explore various options instead.

Self-Help packages start at $750 + HST including initial intake 

Legal Drafting - Minimum $750 , more typically starts at $1,500 + HST

* * * A Partial List of Legal Services * * *

Legal Appearances at Court - for conferences, motions, trials, appeals

Consultations and Action Plans

Legal Coaching for Self Represented Parents

Separation Agreements

Marriage Contracts

Mahr Agreements Before, During or after Marriage

Cohabitation Agreements

Correspondence to other party or their counsel

Casemanagement Plans

Legal Drafting

Application, Answer, Reply

Affidavit in Support of Custody & Access

Financial Statement, Net Family Property Statement & Comparison

Notice of Motion

Affidavit in Support of a Motion

Witness Affidavits for People supporting a party and for Professionals providing evidence for the Court

Case Conference Brief

Settlement Conference Brief

Trial Management Brief and Conference Form

Support Enforcement Forms

Disclosure Requests

Information Requests

Legal Briefs/Factums

Appeal Documents, Notices, Factums, Plus

Witness Preparation 

Plus + Various Court forms to help move your case in the direction you need